How do we talk to our loved ones about your services?

Our care managers have experience working with older adults who are fiercely independent. After meeting each individual, we work with families and other support to create an individualized approach that feels less threatening. Our care managers are highly trained and intuitive during this phase. With resistant clients our initial goal is to build a rapport.

How else can Innovative Lifestyle Care save me money?

We can help to plan effectively for the future, and assist in avoiding a crisis. Often, we may arrange for services to be delivered in your loved one's home rather than requiring a costly move to a retirement or nursing facility. We focus on the needs of older adults and  available resources. This will allow us to match the clients service needs with appropriate agencies.

Do you accept any forms of insurance for payment?

Each program is a "fee for service" and we do not accept insurance. We will work with you to submit invoices to your Long Term Care insurance company for reimbursement of services. 

How do I know if it is time for an assessment?

If you have any concerns about your loved one then it is most likely time for them to meet with a care manager.

What should you look for? Red flags are often isolation, confusion, decreased personal hygiene, weight loss, bare fridge, and missed appointments.

 An assessment will allow us to get form a relationship with our client and easily step in before an emergency.

My siblings and I are in disagreement with hiring a Care Manager. What should we do?

Family dynamics are often complicated and in our experience there is typically a shared concern between family members, but with confusion about how to best approach their loved one. Having an outside opinion from a trained professional can offer additional insight on prioritizing a person’s needs and creating a plan on how to carefully approach a situation.